Boys Grow

People from all over the Kansas City area enjoyed the day at the BoysGrow Farm for the Gather and Grow event in June. The third annual event benefited BoysGrow, a nonprofit that teaches young men about real food, agriculture and business. Over 20 volunteers from DI attended to make sure the dinner was a success. They helped set-up, welcomed guests, serve food, and cleaned up following the dinner.

The event included live music and appetizers, dinner, and dessert prepared by chef Ted Habiger of Room 39, Sasha’s Bakery and the new brewery, Emperial. The Chef used seasonal ingredients, as well as dairy and produce grown on the BoysGrow farm. Guests were encouraged to BYOP. What the heck does BYOP mean? Bring Your Own Plate! Everyone brings their own plate to eat on and following the dinner each plate is cleaned and ready for guests to take home. With goats and baby kittens running around, the guests enjoyed the casual atmosphere of the farm.

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